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Big announcements: Our Investors & We're Open For Submissions!

Posted by Matt Haltom on Feb 24, 2014 1:19:24 PM

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Today at the LAUNCH Festival we announced that Ramen is open for project submissions. Since we started coding in November we have covered a lot of ground. We won the LAUNCH hackathon, we funded ourselves on our own campaign, and we launched three “primer” projects in the market. We have learned an insane amount in a short amount of time and expect to keep learning just as much in the next few months.

The LAUNCH Festival is an awesome platform for us to launch Ramen. Not only were we born from the LAUNCH hackathon, the conference is essentially 9000+ people in our target audience: early stage software teams and folks interested in that. We’re kids in candy stores for the next few days.

We also announced that we closed our seed round of funding from Matt Cutler (CEO of recently bought by CISCO), Jason Calacanis (CEO and LAUNCH festivals), and Naval Ravikant (Founder of AngelList). We will be publishing a longer blog about their involvement but needless to say we are incredibly excited about their involvement.

For now, we’d love for you to share with your early stage product friends. They can submit their projects to Ramen right on the home page. We look forward to spending the next few months helping launch some amazing products on Ramen and fulfilling our vision that Ramen can be a whole new way to start your company or build a product you are passionate about. We truly believe that customer-validated and customer-driven products are those that win and we’ll be working round the clock to make sure this vision comes to life.

So tell your friends about Ramen …

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